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Senior Executive Networking Group - New England

The Senior Executive Networking Group is as an opportunity for seasoned executives from all business functional areas to meet on a regular basis to:

  • » Share their experiences and expertise;
  • » Grow professionally;
  • » Assist members in career development.


If you are interested in becoming a members you will need to be sponsored and recommended by a member of SENG-NE. Any member can nominate a member. The criterion is that he/she has Director/VP level or higher on his/her resume for a minimum of five years, a six-figure income and a recommendation from you that he/she is a "giver" meaning that he/she will be as eager to help as be helped. Our members agree to have their contact information posted on the Web site and are required to keep it up to date. Participation in meetings is contingent on acceptance and receipt of the new member's contact information, resume and participation fee of $50.00.

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